Opportunities are like sunrises,
if you wait too long you miss them.

The Sunrise Culture

A growth culture which places a high premium on innovation, motivation, collaboration and continuous improvement.

Qatar today stands at the crossroads of great opportunity. The opportunity born out of the need to look inwards, gather our strengths and come together as a nation of great thinkers, strategists and business leaders.

The Sunrise Group is an agile, consumer focused organisation

As a group and a holding company, we have invested in creating a corporate culture based on identifying opportunities and working towards a common purpose. This strong, unifying culture empowers and encourages our teams to spot winning opportunities, take bold decisions and convert opportunities into successful business deals.

We work hard towards embedding this culture into the fabric of our organization, into the way we think, work, collaborate and grow.

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As a result of our team’s continuous hard work, the group proudly showcase our growing line of companies

The Sunrise Approach

Sunrise Holdings belives in creating frameworks that use both societal value and human value as decision making criteria. We believe that our organization must serve the needs of our country, society and stakeholders in many ways. We achieve this by:


that imporve the lives of users


of suppliers and business partners


and enhancing worker’s quality of life


which provides resources for improvements innovations, and returns to investors

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Our Team is actively seeking new business opportunities and exending our network. Reach out to us to start a conversation!


Office No. 19, 20, 21 3rd Floor Al Mana Business Center 2 Al Amir Street, Al Soudan Doha, Qatar

+974 4019 7999