Sunrise Group Is slowly and surely rising
to be one of the best companies in Qatar.

The Sunrise Group

The Sunrise Group is a diversified holding company specializing in restaurants, media and the automotive sector. The Group company operates through three flagship companies namely Sunrise Trading and Food Stuff Company which owns Jollibee WLL, Kalimat Media & Advertising and Auto Innovations

Sunrise Trading and Food Stuff W.L.L. is established as a limited liability company in the State Of Qatar. The commercial registration number 41579 dated 8th February 2009 marks our incorporation as a company registered under Qatari Commercial Companies Law number 11 of 2015.

Jollibee W.L.L. was established in January 2016. Jollibee is a limited liability company commercially registered to operate the Jollibee fast food restaurant chain in the State Of Qatar.

Jollibee W.L.L. owns the master franchise rights for the famous Jollibee brand in Qatar. The brand Jollibee has its origins from the Philippines and is arguably one of the most iconic and popular fast food restaurant brands in the country.

Sunrise Technical Services (Auto Innovation) specializes in repairing and maintaining automotive, upgrading vehicle bodies and engines and repairing specialized alloy wheels. Sunrise Technical Services was set up on February 2010 and since then has contributed significantly to the service and ancillary equipment platform of Qatar's automotive industry. The company embodies values of innovation, safety, design and reliability.


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Covert opportunities where the company wins, the customer wins and the community wins


Think different, think out of the box and break the mold


Relationships matter to us. We work to enrich the lives of the communities we interact with


We will always challenge the status quo and challenge ourselves to do better each time


We don’t just meet expectactions; we exeed them. We wil go the extra mil e, it’s never crowded

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